Clean Eating

Spring is officially here, although if you ask me it’s still winter. With spring in mind, I’ve decided to start trying someclean eating. It’s as easy as it sounds: eating healthy makes you feel healthy! When you eat clean foods that you prepare yourself, you’re really giving yourself the gift of vitality. If you eat fried chicken for dinner you’re going to wake up feeling like someone dunked you in a vat of oil. Would you want to exercise if you were covered in oil? I doubt it. The more you cook at home for yourself, the less you will be able to make excuses about what you eat. Let’s be honest for a minute, if you’re not the most confident cook in the kitchen are you more likely to attempt to make fried chicken or a room temp quinoa salad? I hope for your sake it’s the latter; oil burns, my friends.

Quinoa is high in protein, easy to make, and as I’ll prove through this recipe, tastes great. If you’re being incredibly stubborn and can’t see how this could possibly be considered a dinner, eat it with a grilled or baked boneless, skinless chicken breast. 


Red Quinoa Salad with Arugula, Tomatoes, Avocado & Goat Cheese

Red Quinoa Salad with Arugula, Tomatoes, Avocado & Goat Cheese

Quinoa Salad

Serving Size: 1

Time: 30 to 40 minutes

Difficulty Level – Easier than making Uncle Ben’s Rice (easy)

What you’ll need –    

  •          A medium pot with a lid
  •          A cutting board
  •          A knife
  •          A mixing bowl
  •          A spoon

Ingredients –

  •          ½ cup quinoa (dry)
  •          1 small tomato, insides removed*, chopped
  •          1 tbs lime
  •          2 tsps olive oil
  •          1 tbs chopped chives
  •          1 tbs chopped flat leaf parsley
  •          ½ avocado, cut into small cubes
  •          A handful of arugula
  •          Goat Cheese, crumbled (optional)
  •          Salt and pepper to taste


Preparation –

quinoa            Your box of quinoa will probably have cooking instructions on it, but it’s usually a 2 to 1 ratio (water/quinoa), bring it to a boil, turn it down to a simmer and cover it for about 15 minutes or until the liquid is fully absorbed. You’ll be able to see a white line around the edges of the quinoa when it’s done. Using a fork, fluff up the finished quinoa, transfer it to your mixing bowl, and place the bowl in the freezer. 


            While your quinoa is cooling, prep your vegetables and herbs. *When cutting your tomato, first cut it into quarters, then, cut across each section below the seeds. Discard the seeds.

            By the time you’re finished prepping your vegetables, your quinoa should be cool and ready to use. Add all of your ingredients to the bowl the quinoa is in, including the arugula, olive oil and lime juice. Mix together, add salt and pepper to taste….and you’re done! Between the protein from the quinoa and the good fat from the avocado, you have yourself a well-balanced meal that is healthy and tastes great. I guarantee you’ll at least think about going to the gym tomorrow. Baby steps.


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